9 Tips for recognizing a genuine leather passport cover 

Leather is not human-made material. It is used in manufacturing numerous accessories like fashionable jackets, passport covers. In the present era, every third person is conscious about security, especially of documents like the passport. Henceforth, they purchase the wallet for their documents. The leather passport cover is one of the best accessories for the security of the passport. However, it is difficult to find a genuine passport cover instantly.

Moreover, the market is flooded with an authentic replica of leather products. One can get confused among real or fake products. It is an undeniable fact that leather passport covers are expensive. Therefore, before purchasing a passport wallet, apply the following measurements to check the excellent quality instantly.

  1. Smell it- It is one of the easiest ways to distinguish between genuine and real leather carefully. It is, in fact, the artificial leather passport cover that has the smell of plastic and chemicals. Somehow the pungent smell. While the original leather passport covers have an organic scent, therefore, try this while purchasing it.
  2. Water absorbance test- Pour one to two drops of water on it. If it is typically manufactured with genuine leather, then it absorbs the water. Real leather has pores that naturally absorb the water. In contrast, its synthetic passport cover does not absorb the water.
  3. Check the price- As leather is costly, likewise, its specific products are also expensive as well as durable. The price tag instantly reveals the excellent quality of passport cover. If you find you will get this leather product at a low price, then think once before buying. It may be made from faux or synthetic leather.
  4. Imperfection- Touch the passport wallet and observe the scratches, wrinkles, and crease. In addition to it, if you find the surface of leather consists of pores, then it’s real leather. Genuine leather is made from the skin of animals. Therefore, it has a grainy surface.
  5. Bend it- Real leather recognizes for its unique elasticity. When you bend the leather, then you will observe the change in color as well as wrinkles appearing on that. These accurately indicate genuine quality. Apart from it, synthetic leather is hard and does not show color-changing behavior.
  6. Rough edges- Scrutinize the edges of the wallet. The product that is made from genuine leather has rough edges. In addition to it, if you find that the edges are perfect as well as smooth, then it is made from the faux or synthetic leather.
  7. Weight- You can also identify the quality of leather by its weight. Genuine leather like cowhide is heavier in weight as compared to synthetic leather. In addition to it, if you find your passport cover is a bit heavy, then it is a good sign. Purchase it without any worry.
  8. Fire test- It is basically up to you. If you genuinely want to perform this test faithfully, then you can otherwise it is not necessary. Burn the edges of the cover and carefully smell it if it feels like plastic burning, then it is synthetic or faux because genuine leather does not have this smell.
  9. Pattern- Scrutinize the intricate design of the cover. Synthetic leather is made in the machine and has symmetrical as well as smooth pattern. In contrast to it, genuine leather has numerous variations, like unsymmetrical patterns. 

In the end, the above mentioned are the most natural tricks. These tricks do not require any special equipment to perform correctly. Even except for the fire test, you can properly apply all the clever tricks at the critical moment.


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