A Pro Traveler’s Guide to Getting Around Amsterdam

When traveling in Amsterdam, I always make sure that I’m doing it in style and in an efficient way.

I make sure to always have a travel plan before using Amsterdam transportation.

Interested in learning more? If so, continue reading to learn more about the pro traveler’s tips when getting around Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Transportation – Pro Tip #1 – Taxi Service

When I arrive at the airport in Amsterdam I never take public transportation at the beginning of my trip because it is always too much work when lugging around all of my checked bags. Who wants that? No one!

Instead, I make sure to ride in style and take either a taxi or a limousine service!

Taxes and limousine services can be on the more expensive side, but I like to treat myself when arriving in a new country!

When taking a limousine service I can trust that it will be a professional and luxurious experience. This limousine service will help me get from point A to point B without any fuss or hassle!

The hospitality of the drivers is always the best and I know I can count on their service!

Another option to use is taxi services. Usually, the airport provides different taxi companies available for use, but you also have the option to call a taxi service as well.

The rate of a taxi ride is dependant on 3 different factors including the tariff, cost per km, and cost per minute. There is a meter that will determine this once the ride is complete.

My ride from Schiphol airport to the city center costs about 45-50 euros.

Pro Tip #2 – Public Transportation

Once I arrive at my destination within the city of Amsterdam I always try to explore more within the area that I’m staying in.

The best and cheaper way is to take public transportation! The public transportation is run by the GVB or Gemeentelijke Vervoersbedrijf, and there are many different modes of transport.

This includes the bus, metro, tram, or ferry. I make sure to travel from Amsterdam Centraal because from there I can go anywhere in the city!

At this station, I also can acquire any travel information regarding purchasing tickets or bike rentals.

Most importantly, in order to use public transport, I get the OV chip card which allows me to take all methods of travel around town!

Pro Tip #3 – Canal Rides

The canals of Amsterdam are a staple part of its history and culture.

I like to take the Hop on Hop off boat tours which takes me around the canal ring and enriches my knowledge of the history of Amsterdam. This ride gives me a tour of the best Golden-Age buildings.

The Benefits of Amsterdam Transportation

The great thing about Amsterdam transportation is that there are many options available!

From boat rides through the canal to taxi cab services from the airport, the city of Amsterdam will cover it!

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