CBD and Heart Health

Alternative Title- How CBD Helps the Heart

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is like the non-psychoactive brother of THC – the infamous substance that brings the state of high. Despite the poor reputation of cannabis, CBD involves various useful medical properties. CBD is a substance that has the ability to make you healthier.

Various studies have taken place revealing the beneficial qualities of CBD. A study conducted by Hahn et al. discovered CBD’s antipsychotic qualities as well as its ability to stop psychosis progression in patients. Furthermore, CBD tends to interact with the endocannabinoid system as well.

Everyone understands that the best ways to keep the heart healthy are proper diet, tobacco avoidance, and regular exercise. However, an important fact to keep in mind is that hearts are delicate and may face problems in spite of such measures.  This is where CBD can come in useful as many studies are showing its positive effect on heart health. Since it is the matter of the heart, only authentic CBD productsonline should be considered.

Impact on Arterial Walls

CBD has been proven to strengthen the arterial walls. The arteries are the major pathways of a body’s circulatory system. Arteries carry massive amounts of blood all around the body. The walls that make up the arteries, with the passing of time, can become prone to degradation, especially due to high blood pressure.

According to a study by Stanley et al. for the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, CBD causes a relaxation effect on the circulatory system, thereby reducing vascular tension. It also helps in maintenance of the integrity of arterial walls.

Alongside that, CBD can also protect against a high glucose environment which is brought about by an excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream. This high glucose environment is a common result of type-2 diabetes.

Reduction in Inflammation

Due to the manner in which CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, much of its beneficial effects are possibly due to a reduction in inflammation. Anxiety and stress leads to inflammation responses in the body, whose implication is the heart disease. An overactive inflammation system will gradually damage the arteries so they begin to harden. Researchers have carried out investigations on CBD’s effect on the inflammation response.

In animal studies, one study undertook measurements of the effects of CBD on oxidative stress in diabetic mice. Oxidative stress is a marker of heart disease and inflammation. The results were quite encouraging. There was a clear reduction in the stress level. Moreover, there was also a reduction in fibrosis and cell death.

CBD makes the body’s natural anti-inflammation chemicals work in an efficient manner. By interacting with a different receptor, CBD ensures that abatement of inflammation is all over the body – including the cardiovascular region of the body.

Ultimately the body is tricked into believing that it has no need to be inflamed and that everything is normal. This is similar to when we take a fever suppressant; we tell a white lie to the body so as to make itself hurt less.

Treating Arrhythmia

There is evidence to suggest that high doses of CBD are useful to help with arrhythmia in heart patients. An arrhythmia happens when the heart beats incorrectly, whether too fast, slow, or with wrong rhythms. Rodent studies have shown promising results regarding CBD treatment of arrhythmia. This is another reason to go for authentic CBD products online.

Maintaining Blood Pressure

The Heart Foundation believes that high blood pressure is one of the main reasons for heart disease because of the increased strain on the heart and increased exertion of blood on the arterial walls.

In a study by Jadoon et al., patients were provided with either a placebo or a high dose of CBD. These patients were tested so as to determine their heart rate and blood pressure. The results showed that after the administration of CBD, the resting blood pressure of patients reduced. Furthermore, there was also reduced blood pressure stress.

This proves that CBD has a marked effect on the blood pressure’s rate.  This is most probably as a result of its vascular-relaxant properties, making arteries less stressed and tense. CBD makes blood exert less intense pressure on the arterial walls, causing less degradation in heart integrity and arterial strength.

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