Could Esports Replace Traditional Sports?

At one time, esports could widely be considered as a very niche and very misunderstood sport as the emergence of it nearly two decades ago was largely only targeted towards people actively playing the games that had developed in the esports space, but in the past decade and particularly over the past four or five years, attitudes towards esports as a whole have changed at a rapid rate, whilst attitudes toward gaming have also changed within the same period of time.

Much of the change for attitudes in gaming have come from the successes in mobile gaming, as a wider audience have been more willing to adopt gaming habits on one device it has also helped other platforms grow alongside it which has certainly been of the benefit for esports. This past year has also had the added impact of regular sporting events seeing postponements and cancellations have led many fans to seek out alternatives, with esports being a big choice.

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Whilst it’s unrealistic to expect that traditional sporting could ever be completely phased out by esports, numbers are starting to show that one is surpassing the other – some of the biggest events in the world such as the Superbowl can boast almost one hundred million viewers, but the concurrent viewers are suggested to be considerably less – on the other hand, games such as League of Legends boast similar numbers for unique viewers but with a suggested peak concurrent viewership of 44 million at the 2019 world finals, much higher than anything outside of the bigger four year events such as the world cup and the Olympics. With other suggestions that esports could find representation at the Olympics too, there are many eyes being drawn towards the growing scene.

There’s certainly a lot of opportunity to be found, and with other games breaking into the market through the likes of FIFA and NBA, there’s a lot of familiarity being offered to newer viewers who may not be fully understanding of what other titles have to offer, which continues to bridge the gap and other further options in gaming, alongside this the introduction and widespread use of betting on esports when looking at esportsbetting.site has been another factor to close the gap between the two – with 2021 being another uncertainty for elite level sporting as further cancellations or postponements certainly remain a possibility, and the successes of esports as a whole will continue as even in the event of offline event cancellations, online events will go ahead as scheduled and provide plenty of viewing options for new viewers and established viewers alike.

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