Essential Aspects Of E-Commerce Photography

Whether experts or amateurs, taking commercial photography requires certain particularities related to photojournalism or the challenges that audio-visual production managers must face. In this sense, we must take into account the following aspects.

White background

Using a white background can be an excellent option to start. If we want professional photos, we will need, in addition to a good camera, a tripod that allows us to keep it fixed.

The white background can be achieved by placing one or more white cardboard so that the product does not form a shadow and, although it is advisable to be in a room with sufficient natural light, we will choose to increase it with two or three light bulbs. To the object in question from various angles.

Without filters

By naturally displaying the products, we will arouse greater interest among customers. By being more faithful to the actual item, no one will accuse us of being a deceptive online store.

Once we make sure that our product is in the middle of that background that we place to create an effect of infinity white and that we fix the tripod and the device with which we will take the photos well, we must ensure that the frame provides a specific composition to the picture.

Multiple images for our online store

It is always better to take several shots from different positions and angles: generally, from the front, side, back, etc. This series must be done in parallel with a style guide that we will follow on the website where we intend to display our product.

In this case, we must consider a style that projects order, which captures how we have arranged the sequence of the images and consider whether the product is better in horizontal or vertical format and the details that we intend to show.

Digital file compressors

There are several applications on the network to be able to compress the image files. When a photo is compressed, the loading times on the internet are reduced, and those who browse our website can see them without problems. You can visit to learn more.

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