Essential Questions to Ask Potential Auto Shipping Company

The reasons to need a professional auto shipping company are many like migrating to a cross country new home or you need your car when you arrive at the international conference or you purchased a beauty online from another state.

The last thing you desire is to have your precious car delivered with some damage, so you are looking for an auto shipping company that is reliable and has good experience in transportation.

SAC or Ship a Car, Inc is one of the best auto trailer transport services that has helped people ship their collectible cars, antique autos, power cruisers, motocross bikes, golf carts, boats, etc. for the last 30 years. However, research is the solution to determine the company’s reputation. It is also essential to ask the potential shipper relevant questions before enlisting their services.

Essential questions to ask the potential auto shipping company

Are you registered?

It is mandatory for auto transport companies that offer cross country services, where they need to cross state lines need to get registered at the transport department [DOT]. A good shipper will give their DOT number and their MC [Motor Carrier] number.

You can check them on the website of FMCSA [Federal motor carrier safety administration]. For international shipping, the company has to be registered with the FMC [Federal Maritime Commission].

What insurance coverage does your company offer?

Legally, the car shipping company must have enough insurance to protect their customer’s vehicles. The insurance coverage level differs from one shipper to another. Your personal auto insurance policy will not cover cross country shipping, so it is necessary to find out if the shipper has sufficient coverage for the transit.

If it seems inadequate, you can request for an increase in the coverage. The cost will bring in peace of mind, which is worthy.


What are the kinds of transport services offered?

Some shippers may operate regionally, while a few may have limitations on the vehicle size. Look whether they offer open or enclosed car shipping services. Long-distance interstate transport is tough on your car as it gets exposed to weather elements. Enclosed service is the best protection even if it is a little pricey.

What will be the final shipping cost?

The average car shipping cost gets determined with different factors like transport distance, car model and size, and transport method chosen. The rates can differ, so you need to ensure what is included to avoid hidden charges.

The shippers offer free quotes if they are given basic information. If you have a couple of family cars to transport, then make sure to negotiate.

How do you accept payments?

Upfront of the full amount is a big NO. A deposit at the start and remaining on delivery is a great option. Some will not accept cheques because they don’t prefer their truckers carrying large cash but can opt for credit card payments.

Even ask about their cancellation policy, especially after you made a deposit. Find the penalty date before you pay the deposits.

When must the car delivery be expected from the date it got loaded?

It will depend on the distance and the method your car got shipped. Delivery schedules are not guaranteed because things can go bad like traffic jams or horrible storms on the way, etc. However, coast to coast shipping can take less than 2 weeks, while short distance takes some days and overseas take more time.

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