Hot Desking 101: 5 Steps to Implement It in Your Office

There’s always room for improving your organization’s productivity. One way to boost employee well-being and motivation, experts agree, is with a strategic workspace.

If you haven’t considered implementing hot desking for your organization, you’re missing out. There are plenty of reasons why providing unassigned desks in common workspace areas can promote company morale and productivity. Keep reading for 5 key tips to start hot desking for your team.

  1. Get Your Team Familiar With Hot Desking

Before you start moving around office furniture, get your team of employees on the same page. If they’ve never heard of hot desking, they might be hesitant to adopt it and let go of their assigned desks.

That’s why it’s so important to spell out all of the benefits they’ll end up experiencing. For more specific guidance, check out this article on hot desking and what it is.

  1. There Will Likely Be Some Exceptions

The goal of hot desking, of course, is to utilize your office’s space for more collaboration and less isolation. You don’t want employees cooped up in their own cubicles all of the time anymore. Instead, you want to create a company culture that fosters interpersonal connections and productivity.

At the same time, be aware that not all positions are suited for a hot desking environment. Receptionists who have to remain near the entrance of a facility would be a great example of this. Other examples include human resources (HR) or legal team members who handle confidential information.

  1. Be Prepared for Potential Conflicts

While you might be excited for the long-term benefits of hot desking, be prepared for some conflict. It’s only natural for some employees to get disgruntled when they lose their designated little zones at work.

Prepare ahead of time for appeasing employees who are challenged with unassigned seats. This is of particular importance if, after first implementing hot desking, you find the office runs out of available desk space too soon!

  1. Offer Some Variety Throughout the Office

Another great hot desking tip is to use more than just desks throughout the space. Some one-on-one meetings, for instance, might be more comfortable in a secluded spot on an office couch. Take the time to be strategic and varying with your new hot desking floor plan.

  1. Further Workplace Collaboration and Productivity With More Team-Building

The last way to enhance the productivity of hot desking is through intentional team-building. The more your team of employees genuinely feel connected to each other, the better.

Offering social gatherings and professional workshops can help keep your employees motivated and inspired in the workplace.

Continue Investing in Workspace Productivity Strategies

By this point, you’re familiar with the value of and the sensibility of hot desking. You’re ready to work with your employees to incorporate these unassigned seats in the office.

In addition, remain open to improving business operations on every level. In fact, that’s why we encourage you to follow along with our business guidance article archives on our blog. First, comment below this article about how it inspired your organization to adopt hot desking.

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