How to Choose a Durable Mobile Phone

People often ask what mobile phones are durable at different prices. What does it mean to use it for a long time? In the era of smart phones, the standard to measure durability is the three cores of mobile phones: SOC, memory and flash memory.

Soc determines how fast the mobile phone handles tasks. Memory determines how many tasks are processed at a time. Flash memory determines the speed of data reading and writing. For high-end mobile phones, the above three are flagship configurations. Mobile phones at this price can run within 3 years.

If your change cycle is long, try to choose Kirin9000/Kirin990/Xiaolong 865/Tianji 1000Plus+LPDDR5+UFS3.0/3.1. Kirin 990 can only support LPDDR4.X+UFS3.0 due to process problems. After HUAWEI’s optimization from the system level, the problem has improved. All HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones are equipped with kirin processors.

  1. Good photographing effect

Manufacturers claim that mobile phones take good photos by advertising high pixels. MI10 has 100 million pixels. The larger the pixels, the more delicate the photo will be and the richer the expression will be. But is the pixel height equal to the photographing effect good? Why is it that low-priced mobile phones have 4800W pixel imaging but the effect is not as good as that of flagship products?

People have neglected another hardware: CMOS image sensor.

The principle of taking photos by camera is: firstly, light is collected through aperture, and secondly light information is received through image sensor. How much light is collected depends on the size of the aperture. The collection of light depends on the aperture. If a mobile phone can have “large aperture + large image sensor” at the same time, it can take photos with higher brightness, less noise and clearer.

The core parameters of mobile phone imaging are: image sensor area and aperture. The smaller the denominator of COMS and aperture, the better.

  1. Flash memory

The processor and the running memory complement each other, and are best used together. For example, the CPU is high-grade, and the running memory is insufficient, which will drag down the CPU’s over-line speed. If the CPU level is low, the running memory is idle when the running memory is sufficient. This will not improve the running speed of the mobile phone.

Which is more important? From the mobile phone use, the processor is better to choose high performance. If you just make phone calls, chat, watch new videos, take photos and don’t play any big games. The 2G, 3G running memory is enough. The mobile phone running these functions has the same effect as the mobile phone with 4G running memory. The mobile phone has 4GB or more of running memory, but its CPU is low and its running speed is higher than that of CPU. Mobile phones with less memory will run slowly.

If you know these three parameters, the selected mobile phone will be suitable for long-term use.

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