Issues To Consider In Window Installation

There are two types of PVC window installation: with or without pre-frame. However, regardless of whether it goes with pre-frames or not, the nature of the window installation is the same. There are two different elements; the hole and the window, that must be joined, and if we do not do it well, there will be patent effects. Some will affect the tightness of the building and there will be air infiltrations and energy losses. As a final consequence, condensation, moisture spots, and fungi may appear. Other effects will be directly related to the structural part of the window. A poorly installed frame undergoes deformations, does not transmit loads well, and can suppose an overload for the building.

Placing Windows In The Gaps

Placing a PVC window well inside the wall of the house is essential. Therefore, it is worth checking a couple of things; in case of tunnel mounting, the depth at which the window should be installed and in any case, if the frame is an excellent square and level. Wedges and a level are used to level windows. However, the support wedges are placed in strategic locations and should not be removed even after the window is mechanically fixed to the wall. Its function is essential; to compensate for the pressures suffered by the frame and prevent its deformation.

Mechanical Fixation

Once the frame is leveled, the PVC carpentry must be mechanically fixed to the wall of the house. Depending on the type of the wall, suitable parts have to be used: expansion plugs, anchors, or screws. Never use only polyurethane foam. It is an insulating and non-fixing material, and its use must always be preceded by a mechanical fastening. In another case, not only will the frame be deformed, the lack of mechanical anchoring can even cause a severe accident.


Sealing the perimeter of the PVC window properly is just as important as having it well leveled and fixed to the wall. A poorly executed seal leads to air and water infiltration and increases the amount of the invoices. Therefore, the entire frame contour should be well insulated with the best quality materials and carefully applied. You have to seal them with high precision so that there is no loose slit. The basic rule of insulation is to ensure that the window is more airtight on the inside than on the outside.

The last elements of the installation of PVC windows are the final auctions (external sealing with neutral silicone, placement of flashing, etc.), the regulation of the fittings and – last but not least – the signing of the delivery certificate- reception. Remember that without the previous step, you can lose the upvc window supplier Tunbridge Wells warranty. So you should not neglect.

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