Itinerary 3D2N for Bandung Trip

Bandung is your one-stop destination for culture, culinary, shopping and character. Your excursion will definitely tickle your every feeling with Bandung’s diverse tourist attractions and things to do. Culinary wise, you will find gorgeous cafes in every corner and tasty traditional food almost everywhere. Culture-wise, you can watch Lawangwangi art space performances while shopping for shrewd, you’ll be spoilt for options with its many outlets and boutiques. Read available for our Bandung Trip 3 days itinerary plan which can allow you to maximise your visit!

Itinerary Bandung Trip Day 1

Bandung is really rather a lively city and is believed to be a heart for commerce and culinary arts. Jalan Cihampelas, Jalan Setiabudi, and Jalan Riau are a couple of trendy areas where you’ll get the streets to meet shopping and eating opportunities! Begin the morning with a visit to Rumah Mode on Jalan Setiabudi (to conquer the afternoon crowds!). This mill outlet bursts at the seams with everything retail. Also, they have a couple of eateries where you can taste local treats like Batagor, Nasi Timbel, and Martabak, set up beautiful garden settings.

Midday heads down to Jalan Cihampelas, popularly known as ‘Jeans Street’ due to the massive quantity of denim vendors there. Additionally, this is a busy street with a notable lack of walking places — so take caution when moving from store to another store! What makes this road stand out are the giant cartoon sculptures that head some of the shops. You will find Rambo, Spiderman, Aladdin, Hercules, Superman, to mention just a few! This street is not the cleanest or most organised. Still, it’s well worth a visit if only simply to see it has fantastic visual appeal.

If Jeans Street makes you tired, which it most surely will, you could pop into Ciwalk Mall to get a bit of relaxation with more complete, organised shops and restaurants. It is made in a garden walk fashion making for pleasant strolling. Gokanna serves up typical Indonesian and Sundanese (the local food in Bandung) food, or there are western food chains such as Soho, Raffles, and Pizza Hut amongst others.

After a little relaxation, Jalan Riau calls for more shopping and plenty of yummy restaurants and cafes. Two favourite outlets are The Essential Factory Outlet and Heritage Factory Outlet. They are both comfortable, full, and reasonably affordable. Heritage is placed among those old Dutch buildings which were refurbished to match modern Bandung, and there is quite a great restaurant next door named Dakken Coffee and Steak, in a pristine colonial building as well. Otherwise, there is a beautiful café round the corner Jalan Progo known as Hummingbird Eatery, which likewise includes a decadent choice of cakes and biscuits!

Itinerary Bandung Trip Day 2

With eating and shopping thoroughly while exploring in town, it’s time to find some nature! Head into the south Ciwidey hills in the afternoon. You’ll feel the temperatures drop and the natural environment view takes over. The enticing turquoise crater, ghostly bare trees, grey hills and snowy mist allow it to be a rather stunning place for budding photographers and selfie-takers. Make sure that you put on a mask or cover the nose and mouth as breathing from sulfur fumes may be embarrassing. Nearby, you will discover lushly green tea plantations such as Rancabali that will also take your breath away! They ensure quite large locations, so audiences are not a worry and peaceful moments are sufficient for everybody.

Stop by Situ Patenggang lake and get ready to see yet another sight for sore eyes. Simply take a little boat journey to Batu Cinta and listen to the old story relating to this Love Rock’ at the centre of the lake. This is a very picturesque lake so be sure that you have your camera ready! Undoubtedly you are going to do a great deal of snacking on neighbourhood snacks around Ciwidey, however, to get a late lunch, there are a few fantastic traditional restaurants. Saung Gawir includes urged, as does Sidang Reret, equally boast delicious regional cuisines and magnificent all-natural scenery. They are situated on the primary street where you come and move from the Ciwidey area. In the day, you may end up tired from the frantic traffic getting to and from Ciwidey. So it may be a great idea to chill in your resort or take a night walk along Jalan Braga, maybe the most extraordinary and famous heritage roads in Bandung that still retains its colonial-style design.

About the southern corner sits Gedung Merdeka which houses the Asian-African Conference Museum which was first held in 1955, and its own 60th-anniversary convention was held just recently in 2015. The most notable mosque in town is available to the general public on Saturday and Monday. It is also worth mentioning that many stores on Jalan Braga are shut on Sundays, so a trip to this region would be most extraordinary on Saturday (though quite active), or even Monday.

Itinerary Bandung Trip Day 3

30 km to the north of Bandung establishes a stratovolcano crater called Tangkuban Perahu (meaning:’up-turned ship’) that has a fascinating local legend about love and tragedy which can be told by locals there, just ask! There are three craters: Kawah Ratu, Kawah Domas, and Kawah Upas. The atmosphere is friendly, with memorabilia, snacks, and a lot of photo opportunities. It gets quite cold up there, so be sure to bring a jacket and scarf.

Also from the north, there are a few villas and resorts such as Gracia Resort and Spa (75,000 IDR for the entrance fee) and Ciater Hot Springs (40,000 IDR for the entrance fee) that have hot spring pools and excellent restaurants. Spend a night here to go through the cold temperatures and steamy springs, and sample local delicacies in any of the cosy restaurants. Quite a treat! The temperatures are comfortably neutral throughout the day but can get rather cold once night falls. While you are in the region, visit an art gallery and restaurant. One popular gallery is called Lawangwangi Art Space. They have alternate exhibitions monthly with both local and international artists, a café, event rooms, garden, and photogenic balcony with a gorgeous view of Bandung. Another famous gallery is called Selasar that has similar attributes but specialises in delicious Indian dishes among other Indonesian and western tastes. Selasar has been a lot quieter and calmer from the air compared to ever-popular Lawangwangi.

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