It’s time to make a creative business card


We have so many business cards in our wallets but there are very few that catch our eye. Have you ever thought about what makes those few cards so appealing? In the present article, we will take a look at how can we make business cards which are different as well as effective for our business.

As we know, there are a lot of customizations available nowadays to make your business card different from others. We can use vertical business cards over horizontal ones. But not many of us know that besides making these few changes we can also adopt some other changes which many people oversee.

Given below are some ideas to make your business cards more creative:


  • Including a tagline: As we know that business cards offer very small space for writing text, still we can include a small yet effective tagline which could be a small representation of our business goals.
  • Make it unique: While making your business card ask yourself why would a person prefer yours over others. Accordingly use templates that are new, fresh, and eye-catchy. 
  • Include a photograph: Including your or your company’s photograph may seem very unconventional, but it is a very effective technique through which you can stand out, as it makes the card more visually appealing.
  • Use high-quality paper for printing: Using a high-quality paper is not important for impressing your clients but also for the long life of a business card, which in turn could be useful for your business. 
  • Use generalized themes but with a difference: Nowadays business card printing companies offer hundreds of generalized themes and templates for different professions, you just need to pick one. For instance, if you offer handyman services, you may choose handyman business cards for promoting your services, if you don’t know much about customization.


Now, you may ask how it would make me stand out to my competitors. The answer is simple. You need to apply the about given ideas on your card. Let’s say on a handyman card, a person may print his photo or a tag line. This will make you stand out, that too without much customization process.

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