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Have you exhausted all your sources of entertainment? How about watching Indian movies online? If you love watching Telugu movies, you are in for a pleasant surprise! AHA is a Telugu app that offers on-demand local videos. Never be out of movie options anymore! Why are Telugu movies in such hype? The Telugu cinema industry has been consistent with commercial hits for a while now. Telugu web series and films are much loved by Indians all over. The answer could be refreshing scripts or devoted fans or both!

Telugu actors have enjoyed immense fame and following due to their natural acting abilities and proficient dialogue deliveries. A good lot of Telugu movies have been premiered in international film festivals as well. The Telugu industry loves to experiment and strives to bring in novel concepts. A majority of these movies have a single common element that works in their favor. This common element is the employment of comedy, sarcasm and humor in the scenes. The Telugu audience is a hungry lot with regular demands for fresh content.

The industry has to meet up with requests and manages adequate new releases each year. A lot of content is unique and some are refined or dubbed. The demand for both is constant and ongoing. The Telugu industry is a hub of opportunities for artists and a boiling pot of innovative screenplays. AHA is currently the most popular Telugu streaming service available with the latest local releases and old classics.

Jallikattu – An excellent watch!

Jallikattu is a fresh break from stereotypes of what a movie is supposed to be all about. Overshadowing its commercial counterparts, this movie has made its way through a lot of appreciation. Jallikattu is a 2019 release directed by Lijo Jose Pelliserry. It has dreamy shots covered by cinematographer Girish Gangadharan. The movie’s core focus is a buffalo that causes absolute terror in a small town.

Following an episode in the life of Vincent, a buffalo that he plans to slaughter escapes. The story continues with the butcher and the villagers trying to capture the buffalo back. The movie is a thrilling drive as it discusses the traditional Jallikattu practice of bull-taming. Set in a small village in Kerala, the movie is a stunning work of art. The film employs elements of violence with an interesting outcome.

The movie tries to explore underlying issues of sexual violence and patriarchy in society. A brilliant interpretation of Hareesh’s short story, Maoist, Jallikattu is a well-maneuvered plot. The film is a far cry from shallow, commercial hits. It is profoundly engaging and emotional. Jallikattu is deemed as Lijo’s best work so far.

AHA – Watch unlimited Telugu thrillers

Over-the-top streaming services are a common household medium of entertainment in the 21st century. It has made content viewing frequent and convenient. The best part about these apps is that they provided unlimited content throughout. These sites are handy because they are arranged according to genres and year of release. Alternatives such as TV or even YouTube are no match. AHA is your local hub for all Telugu-related movies and shows. It even has an ad-free facility! What’s the delay? Go download or watch Jallikattu movie online instantly. Happy binging!

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