Land the Job: How to Create a Professional Resume That Wins

First impressions are everything.

Your resume is your potential employer’s first impression of you. It will tell them whether or not they want to take your application to the next stage.

So what do you need to put in there?

Keep reading and find the tips and tricks to not only write a resume but how to write a good professional resume.


First thing’s first. If an employer reads the first line of your resume and can’t make heads or tails out of it, they’re most likely going to toss it aside and move on.

A good resume needs to make sense and get all the information across in a simple and understandable way. Read what you’ve written, check for errors, and use a font that is simple and clear.

Make your resume easy for the employer to read.


It can be tempting to throw everything you can into a resume. However, the employer doesn’t need a description of every job you’ve had, the grade you’ve achieved, and bowling trophy you’ve won.

List your experience starting with the most recent. An employer doesn’t need to know about your first ever job unless it has some relevance to the position you’re applying for.

Brevity is your friend when you’re figuring out how to write a professional resume.

Keeping things brief and to the point lets the employer get all the information they need quickly and efficiently, which will also reflect well on you as a candidate.


How you format your resume can make or break the overall look of it. If it looks messy and unorganised, it will be difficult to engage with.

Establish a hierarchy for each section of your resume. Headings, subheadings, bullet-pointed lists, and consistent spacing will help make your resume look professional.

Be sure to use the same types of bullet-points throughout the document, as well as keeping the font sizes and weights consistent with their appropriate section.

Proofread and Edit

One of the best things you can do before you send your resume to an employer is to proofread and edit.

Read and re-read. Then ask a friend or partner to read it. The goal is to identify and eliminate any and all mistakes, sticking points, and hard to read sections.

Make it Look Like a Professional Resume

A lot of factors can contribute to making a resume look professional. The email address you use should be your name, your tone of voice should be informative and respectful, the file name should be clear.

Creating a business-like impression that puts you across in the best possible light is a powerful strategy. You want the employer to associate your name and resume style with professionalism.

Get Help

Following all the rules and trying to stand out is a difficult tightrope to walk alone. Figuring out for yourself how to write a good resume is tough.

Luckily, there are a ton of resources out there to help you. Top resume writing services can take your resume to the next level and help create something that truly represents you as a professional.

Impress With Your First Impression

There are so many tools and services out there at your disposal that make it so much easier these days to compile a professional resume.

Follow these bits of advice and you’ll create a lasting impression with an employer. This is the first step to landing the job.

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