Laws Governing Truck Drivers In Denver

There are laws that govern truck drivers in Denver to checkmate their excesses and prevent accidents. Truck drivers in Denver are expected to possess a commercial driver’s license also known as CDL. A vehicle that can carry more than 16 persons should have a CDL. Any truck that violates this law can be legally prosecuted and it could also be used as evidence by your Denver truck accident lawyer.

All truck drivers must be examined by a medical doctor to check their state of health if they have any underlining health conditions that can affect them in the course of driving. They have to be physically stable to ensure that the truck will be safely operated. Some drivers have migraines caused by previous experiences which may not reflect or be told when asked but can be discovered when a medical test is carried out.

The government has given the law that trucks’ weight should not exceed 80,000 lbs and should not be too high to prevent accidents caused by a truck’s inability to pass under tunnels. This can be dangerous if not followed, a truck could lose balance and fall on approaching motorists or the load could fall causing damage and injuries which will require the services of a Denver truck accident lawyer.

The use of drugs and alcohol while driving is prohibited as the majority of the accidents caused, are by drivers who drove under the influence.  Any driver caught taking drugs or alcohol while driving can have their commercial driver’s license revoked.

Truck drivers are expected to display their information like the truck owner, address of the owner, the gross weight of the truck. All of this information should be displayed on the truck door. A Denver truck accident lawyer can also get more information through the information displayed.

It is also important for truck drivers to go through a training process that will get them accustomed to how hard and long drivers work. This will help determine who is right for the job. It will also help to screen out those that are not competent enough and cannot withstand the stress that comes with driving. It is not easy to drive for hours and drivers most times get exhausted, tired, and sleepy. The training will also let them know all that is expected of them to do like, keeping a record of break time, rest time, drive time.  Forging records is not allowed and any driver that refused to comply will be penalized and the CDL withdrew.

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