Modern Technology Allows Perfect Reconstruction Of Facial Features

Something that everyone cares about when it comes to themselves, that definitely has to be how they look. Even if some people refuse to believe that it is so, it is in our genetics. Aging is certainly one of the things that always has the biggest negative impact on our looks, and it is one of many factors that can be corrected with a visit to a beauty center today, as well as anything else.

Nose reconstruction

Rhinoplasty is quite common these days, and that is a surgical procedure that revolves around reshaping the nose however the patient desires. It is a procedure that is majorly used for cosmetic purposes, and the reason behind it is quite simply, to make the patient more appealing to themselves and other as well.

When it comes to the nose reconstruction surgery Sydney according to Dr Hodgkinson, it has increased in popularity quite a lot because of one simply reason, and that is that the patient today is a lot more informed about what they are getting into than they were in the past.

Before, the surgical part of rhinoplasty was done pretty much the same as it is today. The surgeon would simply modify and reconstruct the bone and cartilage in order to give the patient the look they desire, however, what changed, is the preparation for the procedure.

Today, the patient can easily select among many different preset noses that have been catalogued, and thanks to software technology, the surgeon can immediately show the patient how a chosen nose is going to look on them. This makes it much easier for the patient to go through a procedure, or to decide against it if they don’t seem to like how their nose is going to look after it is changed.

Standard nose reduction

Asian nose job

In certain areas, such as Asia, hence the name Asian nose job, surgeons these days have started using some new methods in order to give their patients the results that they are looking for by using silicone injections along with some previous methods.

With this, it is possible to completely reshape the nose, and in some ways, it is possible to go far beyond what a regular rhinoplasty procedure would be capable of. Of course, in order to get this kind of procedure, you would have to find a well-trained surgeon, which is why Asian nose job Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson is in such high demand.

The setup for the procedure is still pretty much the same, as the surgeon will display how your new nose is going to look on a computer before the surgery, the only difference is that the procedure will take a bit longer, as it requires more “moves”.

Results of an Asian nose job

Final Word

It can be easily noticed how far medicine has come in the last twenty years, even on simple things such as rhinoplasty. One can only dream what the future holds, and what amazing customization options await for us in our local beauty clinics.

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