Pharmacy Errors: The Reality Making Mistakes as a Pharmacist

Are you hoping to limit the number of mistakes you make as a pharmacist? This job comes with a lot of responsibility, and while mistakes are bound to happen, there are certain errors you should avoid to protect your career and your patients.

To find out more about common pharmacy errors that occur, keep reading. Learn more about the mistakes that can happen in this field so that you can work to avoid them.

Dispensing the Wrong Drug or the Wrong Dosage

Pharmacists have a busy job, and it can be easy to overlook details and make mistakes. However, mistakes such as giving someone the wrong drug can be serious and fatal. Some medications look similar in size, shape, and color, so it takes close attention to detail to make sure the correct drug is being dispensed to the correct individual.

This is incredibly important to monitor, especially if a pharmacy technician who has less experience is assisting in filling prescriptions. Additionally, dispensing the wrong dose of a prescription can also be a serious mistake. Different people will have different dosage needs based on aspects such as their condition, weight, and age, so it is important that they receive the correct dosage for them to avoid issues such as overdosing.


Communication is incredibly important in this industry, so it is vital that pharmacists have clear communication skills. Communication is especially important between pharmacists and physicians. Pharmacists should make sure that they have a clear understanding of the physician’s information regarding their patients.

It is also important for the pharmacist to check that the prescription given to a patient by one doctor will not negatively interact with prescriptions given by another physician. If you have a question regarding a patient’s prescription, contact the physician to get any clarifying details that you need before dispensing the medication. This is also a good way to inform the physician of other medications their patient may be taking, allowing them to change the prescription if necessary.

Failure to Provide Counseling

A key role of a pharmacist is to be available to provide adequate counseling for their clients. Patients are more likely to stick to their medication regimen if they are able to communicate with their pharmacists directly. This can help patients learn more about their medication and how to take it in a way that is healthy and safe.

This is also a great way to help prepare your patients for any potential side effects or help them cope with their side effects. Counseling patients regarding their medication is a great way to keep them safe and responsible when it comes to taking their medication.

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Pharmacy Errors to Avoid

While mistakes at work are inevitable from time to time, there are some serious pharmacy errors professionals in this field should work to avoid to keep their patients safe and their career secure.

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