Poker Marked Cards: Everything You Need To Know About

When it comes to playing casino games, poker happens to be the most exciting game of all. No matter which casino you visit, you will always find poker to be a constant game. This is true for both online and offline casinos.

The highlight of poker is that it’s not a luck-based game. If you want to take home the winning amount then you need to work your brain. You need to prove your skills and form the right strategies. But these days, players are taking advantage of a short-cut. They are using poker marked cards to win the game. If you wish to know more about marked cards then you can visit this site

What Are Marked Cards?

Marked cards are a poker cheating device. These cards are marked with a special invisible ink that is not visible to our naked eyes. The cards are marked on the back and the sides so that it’s easier for you to identify them.

The main advantage of using marked cards is that no one will ever know that you are using. It can be used discreetly. All you need is a special marked cards sunglasses to identify these cards on the table.

History of Marked Cards

Since the time poker cards have been introduced, people have tried several ways of marking cards. Crimping and bending cards are the first ways of marking cards. But as you may have guessed, these didn’t prove to be much effective in the game. This technique allowed you to identify only one or two cards.

Players also made use of pinprick bumps to mark their cards. They even tried cut-outs to make small defects on the back of the cards. This helped them to know each card’s number and suit. But all these methods were not as effective as people thought it to be. People were becoming more sensitive to these markings.

Then came luminous ink magic cards which swept the poker industry by storm. The cards were marked with special ink which was flawless. It eliminated the need for crimping or bending the playing cards. You can see the markings on these cards only with the help of a poker cheating device. This advanced technique of marking cards is now widely used in casinos. You can buy marked cards at this site

Marking cards is not a new thing. It has existed since the time poker was introduced. It’s just that technology has evolved.




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