Poppers – Facts That You Should Know

Poppers have probably played a huge role in some of the most amazing times that you have ever experienced. However, how much do you really know about them? If you are a lover of poppers and want to recap and refresh your knowledge surrounding the substance, keep on reading, this article is for you!

Poppers have been sold around the globe for many years, commonly sold as ‘room deodorisers’ and ‘record-cleaners’ however their most popular uses include to enhance sex and to feel a ‘head rush’.

Some of the most popular poppers brands include Hardcore Poppers, Rush Poppers, Purple Haze Poppers, English Poppers and Liquid Gold Poppers.

People typically take poppers by inhaling them directly from the bottle, paying close attention not to allow the liquid to touch their skin. Poppers are far less dangerous that other similar products used to create the same feelings;however, it is vital for users to read instructions before use.

Poppers Facts

Here are just some poppers facts for you…

Poppers is a slang term – Although the majority of people that use poppers only know them as poppers, poppers is actually a slang name that came around in the late 60s, with users then referring to them as poppers due to the ‘popping’ head experiences that they felt shorty after inhalation. Poppers are actually a chemical class known as alkyl nitrates containing amyl nitrate, isoamyl nitrate and isopentyl nitrate.

Poppers are popular within the clubbing scene–Poppers have always been popular within the club industry with poppers first becoming incredibly popular in the 1970s when the gay dance scene first came around. Nowadays poppers are not only popular within the gay community but also popular amongst everyone else that loves to party!

Poppers almost became legal in the UK – Poppers nearly became illegal in the UK, but do not worry, they ARE STILL LEGAL! Several advocates in parliament worked hard to keep poppers on UK shop shelves. One British parliament member, Caspin Blunt, spoke out saying he was a user of poppers and played a huge role in stopping them from becoming a banned substance.

Poppers relax the muscles – Poppers are known to relax the body’s muscles, including the sphincter muscle – This is the reason why poppers are so popular within the gay community. Poppers relax the body making all sexual experiences more pleasurable and favourable.

There are no links between poppers and HIV/AIDS – During the early days of the HIV/AIDS crisis there was a lot of speculation that poppers were somehow related to the onset of the infections, however many studies have been conducted to prove that poppers hold absolutely no links to HIV/AIDS.

Poppers can have a number of side effects – Poppers have a number of possible side effects, with different brands linked to different effects. Although poppers are a pleasurable substance to use, some of the negative side effects can include headaches, loss of erection during sex, sweating and mild congestion.

These are only some of the facts surrounding poppers too – if you have any questions regarding poppers or have any questions that you would like answering do not hesitate to contact your local poppers supplier today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you.

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