Possible interview questions for an intern

When you are applying for the position of an intern it is important that you get prepared for all the questions like you are applying for a permanent position because you will never know what kind of questions can come to you however, the interview may not be as difficult as it would be done for a full-time employee.

As an intern it is important that you prepare for the interview thoroughly because the questions that can come to you can be out of the box as well and the organisation might be looking at you at a permanent employee’s position too.

So below mentionedare some of the interview questions which can help you in the interview as an intern.

  • Introduce yourself is a cliché but is one of the trickiest

The most common question which anybody would be asked during interview is to introduce one self. This may be one of the common but, a very tricky question to handle because as an intern it becomes very important for you to understand the question properly and handle it in a professional manner and most of the times when people are asked this question they would end up answering everything which is irrelevant and that is not what the organisation wants. Explaining things about your family, hobbies etc… are to be done only after speaking relevant things like your academics, your reason to join this organization etc… This would create interest in the interviewer’s mind and the interview may become interesting from there onwards.

  • Reason to choose this domain

Another important and possible question which you must definitely be prepared to answer is to explain to them why you choose that particular field or why you want to experience their premium graduate placements because most of the organisation would be interested to understand yourstrength about a particular subject and if you fail to answer this question you are going to get rejected surely. So you must make sure that you have valid reasons for choosing that particular course in that particular domain which would satisfy the interviewer.

  • Get prepared for some personal questions as well

Also remember to get prepared yourself for some of the personal questions which could be asked during the HR interview phase and most of the questions can come as a tricky question because the HR especially would be interested to know your IQ and EQ levels and they would also want to understand your psychology a little bit. They might also want to know if you are going to be a good cultural fit to the organisation or not.

  • Get prepared for emotional questions as well

Last but not the least you must also make sure that you do not get emotional because there could be some questions asked to test your emotional quotient as well. So you need to understand that you do not break down in the interview when such tough questions are asked which would hit you hard personally.

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