Quickly Accessible And Device-Optimized Dashboards Of Software For Customer Experience

There are many companies that have enabled their employees to have their own single sign-on dashboard feature which is device optimized. Users can access the information about leave management, attendance, tracking of goals, etc. from their dashboard only. Employees can download any related document and their pay slip from the dashboard of Employee Service Portal at any point in time.

Managing the System containing Information about Employees

Details can be maintained and updated about employees using the self-service portal and it is very helpful in optimizing the time. In just one click, a user can collect and update all employee-related details. Employees as well as HR both are permissible to upload and maintain information like education, work experience, performance documents, etc. all in one place. Permission is defined for the access of these documents and without login credentials nobody can access them.

If you are encountering any issue that requires help and support from the technical team then all you have to do is raise a ticket and if the ticket is very critical then it will get flagged. The respective team can be notified regarding the issue. The employer can be notified about the bottleneck of the whole process which is helpful in the regular optimization of the process of the organization. 

Single Click Workflow Dashboard for Payroll

It is true that running payroll without any management system is very difficult and there are many different types of activities like the workflow of distributing salaries and checks. Without a proper dashboard, it can be very difficult to maintain it. However, now you can also find a Payroll Software with a unique user interface where all activities can be handled easily and painless. Different processes related to leaves, loans, expenses, full and final payment settlement, etc. are integrated seamlessly that makes job much easier.

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