Specifications of an aircraft tug

There are numerous circumstances to study before purchasing an aircraft tug, as you must purchase the correct tug. However, why do you need an aircraft tug? Simply put, they make moving the aircraft simpler. They simplify the process by being secure, fast, reliable, and maneuverable and saving money in the long run.

The aircraft is pushed forward with the engines shut off and the aid of an aircraft tug, a specialist ground vehicle. Tugs are used to transport aircraft into and out of service. The process requires two parties:

  • The person in command of the ground vehicle and the person in charge of the aircraft’s flight deck (tug).
  • They are designed to be used for various tasks, which is why the tug must match the aircraft’s rating and weight; otherwise, it would be useless.

The aircraft tug’s specifications

The tug’s strengths and requirements have a significant effect on the right choice. Look for features on the aircraft tug, such as

  • An aero tow power train allows it to run smoothly since there are no gears to move.
  • Even in tight spaces, a tug with throttle grip control provides optimum control and maneuverability.

Check to see if it has a hydro-static transmission, also known as hydro-drive.

  • The transmission is lubricated with hydraulic fluid, which improves maneuverability and provides dynamic braking.
  • These distinguishing characteristics make a tug more appropriate for your aircraft, so it’s a good idea to look for these Specifications so that they can better fit you.

Take into account the venue.

The position is important because the tug will be used there in the end. The environmental conditions under which the tug will be used are determined by the venue, which is why you should consider the location before buying an aircraft tug. People are frequently searching for unique tugs that can operate in areas where others may not.

Keep in mind the application grade.

The surface condition that the tug must deal with is referred to as the application grade. Since steep slopes are bound to affect a tug’s performance, particularly when stopping, the tug’s size and capabilities will differ according to the slope and weight percentage. As a result, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. You must know the fundamental and superior features of the tug and how they can support your operations.

Control of threats

  • There have been several incidents and injuries involving the aircraft being towed. And several of those mishaps were triggered by the tug in capabilities. So we can’t highlight adequately how essential it is to determine the right tug.
  • Despite an aircraft tug’s features, accidents frequently occur simply because the tug was not appropriate for the aircraft or the place where it was used. As a result, picking the right tug is crucial.
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Final thoughts

We discussed the top five features to look for if you are searching for aircraft tugs for sale. Besides the above considerations, your expenditure, frequency of usage, and service intensity are all obvious considerations. You now have all of the details you need to choose the best aircraft tug.

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