The right Rings for Your Special Occasion

You have found your other half, you are sure it is her or him. You want to take it to the next level but it would be good to ask him or her if he or she is ready to live with you this fabulous adventure of marriage. This request is traditionally accompanied by a ring, but how to choose it? If as a general rule, the engagement ring is worn by the lady, this article is not only for these gentlemen but also for those who will choose it together, to those who will make a request and to those who plan to slip clues to her. here and there so that he or she is not mistaken.


The main metals in jewelry are silver, gold yellow, pink and white and platinum. If silver will do wonders for small budgets, gold is more or less expensive depending on its purity the carat. You will find in your research that each metal associated with one stone or another will give the ring a vintage or modern, understated or spectacular style. It’s up to you to see which one would suit your better half.

The stone

If the diamond is the stone usually associated with the engagement ring, there is no obligation there. There are a multitude of colored or white stones, which are just as effective. First of all, we distinguish between precious stones: ruby, emerald and sapphire; then come the countless semi-precious stones: topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, opal, morganite, tourmaline, garnet, and tanzanite. Less expensive than precious stones, some approach it by their color. For the choice of the stone you can refer to the meaning of each one. You can choose the Morganite Rings with the morganite stone in the ring.

Waist shapes

The way a stone is cut is of crucial importance and, in my opinion, represents 50% of the style of the ring. Depending on the stone, its purity and its raw form, the jeweler will choose to cut it in one form or another. There are twelve main sizes in modern jewelry that are most often associated with diamonds but which are eligible for any type of stone. If you want to create a bespoke ring with the help of a jeweler, be aware that the shine of a stone can be different depending on the shape of the cut. Let a professional advice you.

Pay attention to his tastes and clues

This is certainly the first criteria to take into account when choosing your ring: its tastes and its personality. You know her, the woman you want to marry. Is it discreet or exuberant? Classic or modern? List the personality traits that characterize her in your eyes and the jeweler will guide you.

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Also pay attention to the type of jewelry she is wearing. If she does not wear a ring or only very discreet jewelry, it will be safer to turn to a thin and classic ring (a small solitaire for example).

Also, be on the lookout for clues. A woman often already has an idea of ​​the type of ring she would like, long before the request. If you’ve had a wedding chat before, she may be trying to give you some clues to guide you. Follow her in jewelry stores during your shopping sessions; you will certainly identify the type of ring she prefers.  Finally, think about social networks. Does she have a Pinterest account? Take a look, there may be rings registered. It is the same for Instagram; remember to view its “likes”.

Set a budget

Just as advise future brides to set a budget for the purchase of their dress, those who will make their request to do the same for the ring. The reason? Avoid disappointed illusions. You are most likely to know how much you can budget for this ring based on your current finances. On the other hand, do not think that with a small budget we will not offer you beautiful rings: the key is to agree on a good association between metal and stone.

Where to find the ring?

Whether in store or e-shop, each jeweler has his style and his price bracket. Here is a selection of jewelers where you will certainly find some ideas, if not the ring that will accompany his “Yes”. Being a jewel is a responsibility: a symbol of love, a reminder of an important event, a long-dreamed gift with a leading role in our hearts.

The life of the jewel, however, is not as simple as one might expect: gold, diamonds and other precious stones are exposed to many factors that can threaten their splendor. Treating a jewel with the delicacy and care it deserves, taking the right precautions to keep it safe and dedicating time to cleaning it means taking care of the feeling it represents.

Carefully guard your jewelry

A valuable object needs space to be comfortable. All jewelry should be stored in a dry and clean place , taking care to keep them separate from each other to avoid scratches.

The ideal is to keep them in their original boxes: jewelers deliver each creation in packages that are not only beautiful, but useful for a correct maintenance of the jewel.

The soft chocolate-colored velvet that covers the interior will protect the gold from scratches and will make the diamond rest away from dust, to preserve its brilliance.

Clean your jewelry carefully

Take some time to devote to your jewelry and clean it once a month to keep it shiny. Each material has its own characteristics, but in this guide we want to reveal a safe method to clean both gold-only jewelry and those with diamonds and precious stones:

What is needed?

  • Basin
  • Warm water
  • Marseille soap or dish soap
  • Very soft bristle brush
  • Soft and clean cloth


Fill the basin with half a liter of warm water and melt some castile soap in it or, if you don’t have any, a few drops of dish soap. Leave your precious items to soak for about a quarter of an hour, so that the lukewarm water dissolves the residues of dust and dirt in the most hidden parts of the frame.

Once the 15 minutes have passed, take care of each jewel by rubbing it very gently with the soft bristle toothbrush. Finally, rinse with warm water and dry carefully, using a very soft and clean cloth.

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