Useful pedestrian safety tips to follow

The pedestrian accident cases are rapidly growing in numbers due to various factors, such as drunk and driving, driver’s negligence, and faulty traffic control lights, etc. Sympathies and condolences go out to all family members as they cope with this tragedy. Below are some safety tips that everyone can follow to avoid tragic accidents.

Be alert

Walking or jogging is the great form of exercise, while enjoying the environment with your friends and family. But, it can turn into a dangerous activity due to negligent, reckless, and careless drivers. Even when you follow traffic rules, these negligence acts can lead to pedestrian fatalities. Always cross roads and streets at designated intersections or crosswalks to keep yourself safe as you jog or walk. See both ways before crossing, while you can also make eye contact with the motorists to make sure that he sees. If you walk at night or dusk, carry a flashlight or LED vest or wear bright colored attires to increase your visibility.

Stay away from mobile phones  

Do not get distracted by using phones or other electronic devices, as many pedestrian cases get rejected in such cases. You should also avoid wearing headphones, so that you hear warnings from drivers.

Things to avoid

Avoid walking after consuming drugs or alcohol, as these can impair your decision making skills or responses or mental stability. Avoid jogging on a highway where pedestrians are strictly prohibited. Avoid dim-lit areas while crossing the street.

Follow the rules

Read, understand and follow the rules of the traffic system to remain as safely as possible. You can also jog or walk with others to increase your visibility and to avoid getting targeted by drivers easily.

Follow these tips to be safe as you enjoy walking along the beautiful streets. You can consult Austin pedestrian accident lawyer to understand additional safety tips and pedestrian guides.

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