VPN Speed Is Dependent On What?

You must consider some factors before taking a VPN service. Also, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each VPN service provider before signing a contract with one. Some major factors to be considered before hiring the service are;  the speed of the connection, customer service they provide, reliability of the company, money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied, unidentified browsing, over the wall, and contract period. ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, CyberGhost, Zenmate, VyprVPN, Hide my Ass, and Ivacy VPN are some service providers of VPN in Taiwan.

Speed of VPN

The speed of your VPN connection is certainly dependent on the speed of the internet you are using. Internet is a vast and dynamic network transferring billions of packets of data between different devices. When your computer fails to direct your data through a specific path, it finds an alternate route. This causes jamming on the new route, similar to over traffic on the road. Mostly speed problems of the internet are temporary and resolved as new routes are added, restore, or optimized. In the VPN network, as every data is encrypted, the speed slows down a bit. The loss could range from 10-20%, compared to the internet without a VPN. If you face continual speed problem, follow these troubleshooting methods:

Change Server Location

Connecting to geographically nearer VPN servers will increase the performance due to lower latency. Changing server location can bypass any congestion created in the route.

Change VPN protocol

Through a specific port number and VPN protocol (UDP or TCP), your VPN software connects to the server. Some networks limit the speeds of certain protocol or port. Change the port and protocol to get the best combination for optimized performance.

Wired Internet Connection

Wireless connection depends on shared conduits to transfer data between various devices. This may cause lower speed due to increased latency. Wired internet connections give you a faster speed than a Wi-Fi one.

Change Devices

Certain devices are not compatible with providing optimized VPN 推薦 network performance and speed due to the profound encoding overhead of a VPN tunnel. This device could be a router, NAS, Android device of the older version, and the previous version of the iOS device. Replace those devices with the latest versions, which have more processing speed and capability.

Restart your Modem/Router

After running for a long time, devices may run out of memory and experience “fatigue.” Restarting the device gives an optimized performance. Firewall and Antivirus may slow down speed as they can for every packet of data. Temporarily disable it to find if this is the cause of slow speed.


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