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Are you looking to watch a movie which is worth watching?

Then you don’t need to worry here is the movie ‘Trance’ where you can get worth if you visualize the movie. The movie has the best story which describes how the religious acts are being played by the pastors to get the money.

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Story line

The movie Trance was directed and produced by Anwar Rasheed who has a habit of making different movies with different concepts.

The movie has a story where Issac and Thomas play leading roles. Actor FahadhFaasil will play the role of a pastor that has been directed to him by Issac and Thomas. He takes training for acting as Pastor, and then he starts acting as pastor.

Issac and Thomas want to get money by playing this religious drama and to get their business developed. But after some circumstances occur they want to kill the pastor, but they fail  to kill them. To know the actual story of the movie watch the movie at Aha.

Credit points

The movie has a different story where the movie can be successful as it contains some sort of drama with action. Issac and Thomas will be playing a major role to attract the audience.  Music has been good for listening to songs.


FahadhFaasil has acted tremendously to fulfill his role and get a good name in the industry. Nazriya also performed very well with her best actions and moves. The main characters in the movie are Issac and Thomas where they acted very good and showed how good they can act.

Technical Aspects

Cinematography was very good to get movies attracted. BDM is also ok to get the movie successful. Camera has been used with so much effort to get the movie in the desired theme.

Cast and crew

Actor: FahadhFaasil

Actress: NazriyaNazim

Other characters:Gautham Menon, SoubirSahir

Director: Anwar Rasheed

Producer: Anwar Rasheed

Music director: Vinayakan TK

Release date: 20th February 2020

What works

The movie Trance has the best concept to show how the religious acts are being played by some business persons to get their business developed. You can enjoy the best songs when you watch the movies on your device. And also you get entertained by watching the movie Trance as it has comedy and drama.

Why to watch Trance movie

Telugu prajalu likes this Trance movie as it is with a unique storyline. By watching the movie Trance you can come to know what’s happening around you and how the business persons have started thinking to get money and develop their business. You can stream the best movie and you can get the best message after watching it.

Watch dramatic thriller ‘Trance’ online at Aha movies

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