What are the Benefits of Sit to Stand Desk?

Everything too much is not only bad but sometimes dangerous for health. This applies to every day-to-day activity including sitting. The contemporary work environments, as well as the nature of work, compels many people to sit longer even whole the day at their workplaces. Sitting too long a period regularly every day is not only bad for health but often very dangerous in terms of various diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and early death. In addition to this, many studies have established that sitting too long eventually burns fewer calories leading to weight gain and obesity. This has emerged as a major concern especially for the office workers who sit whole the day at the office with no other option but the stand up desk. This is the reason the sit to stand desk is getting popularity around the world.

The standing desk or popularly known as sit to stand desk or stand-up desk which has the feature of allowing to stand up comfortably whenever you wish or need to stand in the office while working. There are varieties of sit to stand desk with many features which can change the height of the desk as per your need without much effort. These desks are known as adjustable desks or sit and stand desks often electrically operated. Though researches are still on their way to explore the health-related advantages of standing desks, but it is pretty sure that the standing desks are impressively beneficial for health as well as good for increasing productivity in the workplace.

It is already an established fact that sit to stand desks or simple standing desks lower the risk of weight gain and obesity. As a matter of fact, obesity or weight gain is caused because of taking more calories of food than you burn. On the other hand, burning more calories than your intake of calories eventually results in weight loss. As exercise is the most appropriate way for weight loss and for reducing risk of weight gain and obesity, opting to stand instead of sitting whole the day is obviously beneficial for health. A study conducted on office workers established that office workers burnt 170 extra calories every day when standing and working in the afternoon secondary work. It is almost burning 1000 extra calorie per person per week with the help of sit to stand desk.

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